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Returning player

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Before I start committing time into this game again, is it worth coming back to ? Hows the playerbase in dungeons/raids at lvl 60/70+ , and how is the game doing generally? My main concern was jsut pretty much the playerbase finding people to run dungeons/raids with etc.


  • MadcobraMadcobra
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    If you looking for players to play with i suggest you to join active guild . You should go with quests till lvl 70-80 after that i suggest to farm malina old s2 raids till lvl 90 and when you reach the 90 lvl you can farm abyssal arena till 100 lvl . Its suggestion for fast lvl up but you can just questing till last quest if you not in rush . You will be able to join 90 and 95 lvl raids by quick battle after you reach 100 lvl with free gear . You will be able to solo everything mentioned above pretty fast till lvl 90 and abyssal arena runs are pretty offten by quick battle .For lvl 100 raids you will need to build your gear slowly . Good luck !
  • XParmsterXXParmsterX
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    alright ill start downloading the game, if theres any guilds recruiting on the na side could post here thatd be great.
  • TheDazzIingTheDazzIing
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    :D :3
  • GMViewtyGMViewty
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    Imo it's not terrible. I prefer Dark souls 3 though lol
  • LoLoBootyLoLoBooty
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    Your best bet to is to join the official discord GMViewty linked and make a post in #na_guild_recruitment to latch on with a guild.