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Bonus EXP Events

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So the folks at Nexon have taken to giving us x2 Combat EXP events lately. Stop giving us EXP events that boost combat EXP as they are basically useless. I'm sure many of us would also appreciate being told whether an EXP boost is combat or completion EXP as well so we don't unnecessarily get our hopes up for nothing.

For anyone that doesn't know the difference:


Combat exp is barely 10% of completion exp. Considering how much EXP you need to get to the higher levels (A little over 82 million for 99 -> 100) it's basically nothing. All this is from what we can consider 'endgame' mobs that should award the highest amounts of combat exp.

It doesn't even increase exp gain for pets which would actually be very good. Pet levelling is such a terribly unfun grind. Just remove combat exp boost events.