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Severance is recruiting!

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Severance Guild was technically started October 8th, 2012 but can trace it's true origins long before this date. Severance Guild started by a trio of friends under a different name,this guild ended up one leader short and riddled with cliques and ended in the guild falling apart.The two leaders then moved onto a different guild and stayed with them for some time,then the decision was made between the two of them and another friend to start Severance.

The Rules
1. Don't start drama with other guild members or allies.
2. If you have a dispute with a guild member or ally please make attempts at rectifying the situation before involving the admins.
3. Be civil about questionable subjects in guild chat. Debates are fine but admin will intervene if needed. (i.e. politics, religion, etc.)
4. Treat members and non-members with respect. We are all family, please act like it.

Severance is a guild based around being a friendly environment,as such it is almost like the guild members are family so treat everyone with respect and everything will work out fine. We try to do raids daily with the guild to keep it involved and fun for those of us who enjoy raids. If you need help with leveling a character or you're confused as to what to do just ask and someone will try to help you with whatever it is that you need.

If you would like to apply to the guild contact the following:
Guild Leader: Arahlen
Guild Co-Leader: Saxony
Guild Admin: Broniix

If you would like to apply and want other ways to contact us outside of the game, we have a discord server.
Discord link: Severance Guild