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Eira Analytical Guidebook

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I started playing Vindictus on and off since the days where Lann and Fiona were the only available characters and you had to spend tokens for dungeons. I don't have experience with every single character to date but I played most of them to a good extend. I came back for Eira release and I have no regrets. She is fun and powerful, I will try to pinpoint what I think are her most important aspects in this guide.

-The first duel-wielding gunslinger. She is extremely nimble and quick and a beast at clearing mobs and dungeons with BULLET STORM.
-In my first impression, I thought her range was too short for guns but now I think it is perfectly balanced due to how powerful some of her skills are. She would be way too overpowered if she had the range of Kai.

-This is Eira's ultimate power.
-This move is extremely efficient at just about anything. Clearing dungeons and killing bosses with BULLET STORM is a breeze.
-When paired with her portal warp abilities, BULLET STORM's efficiency becomes even greater and in the mean time making Eira very evasive to counter boss attacks.

Entropic Rounds + Gravitational Rounds:
-These two skills when combined together is devastating to bosses.
-Entropic Rounds gives boss debuff to increase damage taken. > Activate Gravitational Rounds to deal tons of Damage over time. > maybe BULLET STORM

AP Management:
-I believe it is best to prioritize common skills such as Combat Mastery, Crit Hit, Smash Mastery, Intelligence.
-Leave active skills last when you have excess AP.

Overall, Eira is an amazing character, she's got the whole package. Really.
Very fun and powerful. Also did I mention BULLET STORM?


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