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Account merge

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Is there a reason why the account merging or the character transfer from one account to another is not yet an available feature? (I mean after all those server merging, we know you can do it..)
I don't even ask it for free. Make it a paid feature if you want and that we have to pay all the additional character slots. I would still be up for it.
Nexon always tries to milk it's customer as much as possible, so I don't see what is keeping this "feature" from existing? It would be another perfect bait (even more with the lvl 100 "missions")

Having my characters on 2 (fortunately not more) accounts is really a bummer.

Pretty please?...

  1. Do you guys want a possiblity to merge accounts?6 votes
    1. Yes
       100% (6 votes)
    2. NO
       0% (0 votes)
    3. I don't need it
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    4. Too late
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