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End of Days Recruitment page

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We are officially recruiting.
We already have many active members but we like to keep growing.
We don't have hardly any rules. You can bring Alts as long they log in to get those guild points, I do not mind. You don't have to be OP to join, we take all levels, all skills and anyone who is friendly.

We currently working on the guild house upgrade. At the moment we are at stage 2 and looking to go all the way.
We do many runs daily, we try to do all raids as well as farming on a daily basis.
All I ask is that people collect their watering cans, do guild missions and donate as much as they can without making them skint.

If you want to hear more /w Bowner or PoisonIvy to learn more.


  • BownerBowner
    Vindictus Rep: 1,635
    Posts: 230
    Some people are not sure about the guild house and how to upgrade. Please do as much as you can and make sure you add the points. Just by logging in you gain 1 point and that could be added to the guild. Here are some screenshots of how to add the points.