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Returning Player, Fiona has new kicks...

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in Fiona
So I just noticed Fiona can do a follow on Ivy Sweep spin kick or another Amaranth kick after Amaranth Kick. My question is when do you use one over the other? Which does more damage?


  • PhaliantPhaliant
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    Hello there,

    So I'am a main Fiona (but not sword) so I dunno if i'll be able to help ya.

    Even though, for what I tried, you'll be better doing the 2nd amaranth when you have a larger opening than the Sweep (dmg-wise it's almost similar anyway)
    Then, if hte opening is shorter, do the sweep. This way you'll be pulling more smashes in the battle overall , thus increasing the total dmg you deal at last.

    Good luck on mastering Fiona !
  • Chambot1337Chambot1337
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    I love the sweep better than the amaranth tbh. But damage wise like phaliant said about the same.