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So about this update

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Wasn't whip arisha supposed to get her new skill with it???


  • SirRFISirRFI
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    Unsure what are you referring to, but the update focused on most characters change is next in queue.
  • NXChelsheeNXChelshee
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    The previous update held on the 31st of July was focused on the second redeemers: Dark Side of the Moon.
  • FurielFuriel
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    I think he means the whip skill equivalent to Mana Swap? And no, that was in a different update. There will be a character balance update in the near future where several characters will be receiving buffs / nerfs, and Arisha's new skill will be included.
  • InnoyInnoy
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    are there any transcripts of the changes from the KR server?