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Hardware specs to focus on ? Buying a laptop

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need to get a new laptop soon and I want one that I can comfortably vindy on..

...however I heard that the game itself is so poorly optimized that good specs won't proportionally mean better experience so I was wondering if anyone has any idea on what I should get or focus on getting.. I don't play any other game so just one <15inch good enough for vindictus is fine... (I'll attach a monitor)

If anyone knows any details about this much appreciated! Bonus points if you can straight up find me a laptop sale +fight!!


  • TsiiiTsiii
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    The faster the cpu, the better off you will be. A dedicated gpu is also convenient for offloading some of the stress, but vindi doesn't make the most use of your gpu anyways.
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    CPU and RAM, If you really wanna laptop then minimum is i7 7700hq with 1050 TI (better 1060). Maybe i5 7300hq + GTX 1060 could handle, but even with i7 7700hq 100% smooth gameplay not guaranteed, especially in party.
    If you wanna really smooth guaranteed gameplay and less noise then - desktop, btw you even have monitor. CPU i5 8400/8600 (Min I3 8300) (Amd - no) video 1060 (min 1050 TI). Btw desktop will be around x2 cheaper for same performance if you are on budget.