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New Arena PVP/PVE

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  • ikeviikevi
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    Thanks for the heads up. Personally not to keen on the content, but maybe some folks will like to out dps the others. (Sounds like basically 3 vs 3 dps bosses + flip some traps etc to try to hinder the other team.)I didn't see are there any new things that are going to make people actually want to win?

    And looks like they aren't doing the power equivalent thing. (195 crit + bal req and 37 k power req to enter I think.)
  • RaijinnRaijinn
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    From what I heard, there's just some new titles and an exchange shop with emblems. Not sure what other prizes might be, or if it'll be another way to earn triumph medals. I'm normally not a PvP oriented person but I'm interested enough to want to try this one.