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Not allowed to play anymore. > Lithuania.

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Hey. So I used to play Vindictus ( EU ) back in the days. Everything seemed to be fine. I took a break and now I am back, willing to play this game again.. But looks like they banned my Country ( Lithuania )
This sounds so unfair. I had my characters and all that. I don't really mind wiping them or whatever. I just want to play this game again. Will you ever unban countries? Actions like this will kill your game, literally. If people were playing before this ''update'' they should be able to do so again.

(( I haven't wrote anything in English for quite some time, sorry ))


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    Lithuania is kind of a special case since at the beginning, IPs from that country were permitted into the game, but it changed a couple of years from release. Though, those who already had an account at that time were still being allowed to play, just new ones were blocked. Since EU merged with NA however, all IPs from Lithuania are now being blocked and there isn't anything anyone can really do about it.
    The only thing we really know is that it has something to do with licensing.