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Microsoft People is 'unauthorized software'?

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Hello! I’m not sure if this should be posted in ‘Bug Reporting’ or ‘Account Support’, so I’m posting it here-

Yesterday, I was kicked twice from Vindi for running ‘unauthorized software’ (as well as twice from ‘connectivity issues’, but that’s probably unrelated). Here’s what happened:
Was playing Vindi normally, running season 2 story (Secret Waterway I think) on my Fiona. Had my usual programs open- Google Chrome, Discord, Steam, and, obviously, Vindi. Tabbed out to adjust my volume, accidentally clicked on the people (Microsoft people) icon. It popped up a preview tab, I closed it, thinking nothing of it. Started the mission normally, cleared the first wave of enemies, but disconnected due to ‘connectivity issues’ when the second was spawning (my Wi-Fi isn’t great, so I shrugged it off). I reconnect, clear the second wave, and get kicked for running ‘unauthorized software’. Thought it was a bug maybe and decided to have another go. Reconnected, cleared the first stage, upon entering the second, I get kicked again for ‘connectivity issues’. This should have been a red flag, but I connected again. I cleared the mission and got kicked for ‘unauthorized software’ once again. Finally decided it was time to quit Vindi for the day and try again tomorrow.

Well, it’s tomorrow, I shut down and rebooted my PC and everything is fine, haven’t been kicked yet. Same programs open, except this time I didn’t accidentally click on Microsoft people. Finished up season 2 with no problems. But the thing is, I still have those two strikes against my account, and I’m not even 100% sure it was Microsoft people (maybe something tried to update in the background and messed with Vindi? I’ll never know).

So! With all that being said, has anybody else been kicked for similar reasons? And is there anything I can do to get my strikes removed (I haven’t been suspended or banned yet, and I don’t see any other relevant appeal options through Nexon)? Is it People that is getting me kicked?

Edit 6/11/18: Thank you for the answers! Got it sorted out. :)


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    Check your PM's. Hope my information/explanations helped :)
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    I turned off the microsoft people icon, so i never misclick.