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Lynn Battleshade stuck/frozen, unable to move

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Encountered this bug more than 5 times already, with the symptom being unable to move normally, by pressing direction keys Lynn appears to be running, but locked in one location, like running on a treadmill. Only possible way to move is by pressing dodge key and direction key at the same time, but the direction is either forward or backward only, regardless of which key being pressed.

Don't know the trigger exactly so can't reproduce this bug at will. But if remembered correctly, it appears after being hit with certain boss attacks (being pierced and thrown maybe). The bug has happened in many raids, including Neamhain. The only way to fix this is to go back to town (relogging not required). For lvl90/95 raids this isn't too much of a problem, since the raids only take 3-10 min, either forfeit or almost leech the raid. But when it happens in Neamhain, a hard relog is required to stay in the party and fix the bug.