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Any Upcoming Battle Royal PVP Events?

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Have we ever had a Battle Royal PvP Event?

Really surprised if they've never done one before. There's always been huge successes with these types of formats.

Games like PUBG and Fortnite, as well as movies like Hunger Games and Battle Royale (Japan Film) are great examples.


  • MisterWhiskersMisterWhiskers
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    instance based game means no,we won't have something like that
  • ZeroheartZeroheart
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    Considering that PUBG and Fortnite gameplay stlye is mostly gunning, it's hard to see a melee type battle royal working. Also the balance of characters are horrible in PVP. Karoks with their shock absorb , Hurks with their blockade, kai's insane long I-frame when dodging. Try playing a Death match and you will see that players with different connection will get flatten and juggled.