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Battleshade Update

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The update has finally arrived, and Lynn's now ready to enter into battle with what seems like a simple little parasol! Get your Lynn ready to go with all the special powers and abilities the powerful Battleshade offers and give the Fomors the most perplexing beatdown they've seen!

New Lynn Weapon: Battleshade
Lynn's second weapon may seem like a simple umbrella, but it's far more powerful than its fragile appearance may appear. Our most nimble of warriors has imbued the Battleshade with her own magic to craft a truly unique armament. Dart through combat, build up Qi and unleash it to turn anything opposing you into naught but scattered parts.


Battleshade Basic Abilities
The Battleshade is a melee weapon, using an array of Normal and Smash combos to devastate the opposition.














Battleshade Active Abilities
While Lynn's basic combos will send the lesser Fomors flying, you'll need to master her Active abilities if you want to bring down the strongest foes around. These SP-powered abilities can't be used on every foe, but they make more than enough of an impact to make up for it.



More details: http://vindictus.nexon.net/news/28586/battleshade-update

Battleshade Ultimate Ability: Downpour of Death
With a new weapon comes a new Ultimate Ability, and Lynn's attack is as flashy and elegant as anything around!



Special Dungeon Rotation
Over the last year, we've been adding more and more Special Battles, difficult encounters between you and two of our classic bosses. We're bringing them all out in a weeklong rotation, with a new Special Battle arriving each week!

Spring is Here!

Cherries are blossoming throughout the towns of Vindictus, and the vibrant pink cherry blossoms are fluttering down on everyone! Enjoy the scenery as a reminder that the coldest months are finally behind us.

Spring Outing Package and More!

Spring is here, and we have a special package with your choice of gorgeous Yukatas and some colorful dyes, fashionable Hanboks for both men and women and an update to the Hero's Lucky Box, adding the Primal Flame Battleshade!

Learn more in the Spring Outing Package and More post.

Easter Events and More!

Spring is in the air, Easter's but a week away and Lynn has her eyes on an entirely new set of equipment!

Learn more in the [url="http://"]Easter Events and More[/url] post.

Known Issues
  • In some cases, hotkeys will fail to function upon logging into Vindictus. If you experience this issue, you can resolve it by logging out and then logging back in with a character.

GET THE FULL DETAILS AT: http://vindictus.nexon.net/news/28586/battleshade-update