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[REQ] Miri parrying/general tips

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I love miri, problem is now I'm lvl 75 and s2 is hard for me due to me dyingand getting hit a lot. Im confused on the general tactics used for fighting bosses. Like do you carry then quickly L-R-R-R? What are the general combos used for soloing bosses and dealing high dmg? Also any other miri tips in general?


  • YagaminYagamin
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    It's the same for all chars not just Miri, you need to learn each of the bosses attacks and avoid them, and attack while it's safe.

    Miri's actually one of the easiest to do that compared to all the other characters since you don't need to worry about chaining LLLL before R to maximise damage only to be interrupted half the time and lose dps.

    If I have less than 3 Wyvern Magic, dodge-R-L-Chainswing for more damage. If you have 3 or more, you can L to parry, do damage, regain stamina and gain SP then proceed to spamming R. Very important to learn the timing to parry.

    70 SP reduction on Blazing Spine, CD on Garb, 10% damage on the rest.

    Abuse that you can Chainswing after Scorching Streak or Blazing Spine instead of unnecessarily doing LR. You shouldn't need to do LR much if you use Cat Statue, but if you use Paw you can use LR early on to get enough SP for Garb.

    If the boss does multiple attacks consecutively, you can't spam just L to avoid all hits consistently, it can work but not always. But you can spam dodge-L-dodge-L-dodge-L to consistently be invincible for as long as you have stamina (I do this for Niet's 6 hit KO in Neam, it's never failed me.)

    You are invincible during Garb animation. Can abuse this to avoid Lugh's KO bomb, Glas' gravity KO, Neam's Gate, etc.

    But to maximise damage and get easy mode you really need Defense, face tank hits and spam that Chainswing in Garb only to do an L while you are getting low on stamina and when the boss happens to attack at a good time to easily time your parry. Combo with Paw and Focus Stim for even more damage. I have over 20k Def so I can solo Special Raids in 3-5 mins (Desert Contract 3 min, Last Garden and Underground Assembly 4 min, Shrouded Truth and Shining Keag 5 min). It would be much longer if I needed to avoid attacks.
  • KurumiTKurumiT
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    Generally for parrying, u want to parry following the boss 's attack pattern. Parrying too early or too late will result u getting hit. For multi hit combo attacks this may require some practice to get ur timing right. As for dmg dealing, u should try to avoid dodging and rely more on parrying. Also stay close to the boss. The main dmg source is the chainswing so use LR followed by chainswing if possible.
  • HawkStrattusHawkStrattus
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    Thank you so much much guys, this solves my problems.