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Delia second weapon request

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Can we please get a gunlance? A blade whose speed is propelled by your ammo (think rwby) and you can use the ammo as a direct attack or use it to buff your melee skills.


  • ArentissArentiss
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    If Delia's can be two handed version of Fiona, I vote for some bad a$$ big mace/hammer
  • JeyemJeyem
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    Dragonspine. oh wait
  • john10john10
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    very excited if its a lance weapon
    here are some characters/similarities that uses lance

    - judith [tales of link]
    - big daddy [bioshock]
    - lancer artoria [fate/grand order]
    - karna [the umbral star ]
    - kazuki muto [buso renkin]
    - bianco angelo [dmc4]
    - shalltear [overlord]
    - selvaria bles [valkyria]
    - nel's bankai [bleach]
    - pepper [clockwork knight]
    - gallantmon [digimon]
    - seifer [ffviii]
    - aranea [ffxv]
    - nephenee [fire emblem]
    - lance weapon [sc3]
    - hilde [soul calibur]
    - pedro [rer2]
    - krauser [re4]
    - knight [kamen rider]
    - cavalry lance [bf1]
    - ernest [valkyrie profile]
    - celia [walkure romanze]
    - warlord [lost ark]
    - ginrei [senran kagura]
    - seigfried [wild arms]
    - deng ai [dynasty warriors]
    - knight [fighting layer]
    - joust [rival knights]
    - great lance [ds3]
    - energy sword [halo]
    - mounted spears [kessen 3]
    - lady lancer [bladestorm]
    - megaman's drill arm [tvc]
    - lancia [bdo]
    - lancer [tera]
    - hecarim's skin: lancer zero[lol]
    - demonic lancer [dfo]
    - gadfort [shining force]
    - valkyrie [for honor]
    - sharon rogers [marvel future fight]
    - knight gundam [gundam 3]
    - lancer [monster hunter]
    - misteltein [closers]
    - fernando [paladins]
    - lightning rod [re6]
    - setzer, lance soldier [kh2]
    - strelizia [darling in the franxx]
    - excela [shining resonance]