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Delia second weapon request

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edited March 6, 2018 in Delia
Can we please get a gunlance? A blade whose speed is propelled by your ammo (think rwby) and you can use the ammo as a direct attack or use it to buff your melee skills.


  • ArentissArentiss
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    If Delia's can be two handed version of Fiona, I vote for some bad a$$ big mace/hammer
  • JeyemJeyem
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    Dragonspine. oh wait
  • john10john10
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    edited August 5, 2018
    very excited if its a lance weapon
    here are some characters/similarities that uses lance

    - judith [tales of link]
    - big daddy [bioshock]
    - lancer artoria [fate/grand order]
    - karna [the umbral star ]
    - kazuki muto [buso renkin]
    - bianco angelo [dmc4]
    - shalltear [overlord]
    - selvaria bles [valkyria]
    - nel's bankai [bleach]
    - pepper [clockwork knight]
    - gallantmon [digimon]
    - seifer [ffviii]
    - aranea [ffxv]
    - nephenee [fire emblem]
    - lance weapon [sc3]
    - hilde [soul calibur]
    - pedro [rer2]
    - krauser [re4]
    - knight [kamen rider]
    - cavalry lance [bf1]
    - ernest [valkyrie profile]
    - celia [walkure romanze]
    - warlord [lost ark]
    - ginrei [senran kagura]
    - seigfried [wild arms]
    - deng ai [dynasty warriors]
    - knight [fighting layer]
    - joust [rival knights]
    - great lance [ds3]
    - energy sword [halo]
    - mounted spears [kessen 3]
    - lady lancer [bladestorm]
    - megaman's drill arm [tvc]
    - lancia [bdo]
    - lancer [tera]
    - hecarim's skin: lancer zero[lol]
    - demonic lancer [dfo]
    - gadfort [shining force]
    - valkyrie [for honor]
    - sharon rogers [marvel future fight]
    - knight gundam [gundam 3]
    - lancer [monster hunter]
    - misteltein [closers]
    - fernando [paladins]
    - lightning rod [re6]
    - setzer, lance soldier [kh2]
    - strelizia [darling in the franxx]
    - excela [shining resonance]
    - dragon's heaven [law]

  • X1Guts1XX1Guts1X
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    Lance would be awesome
  • NædrinNædrin
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    uhh... idk why but i actually can't picture delia using a lance... *immense sweating*
  • PrettyPrincessPrettyPrincess
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    edited November 21, 2018
    I'm a little torn about a second weapon for Delia, because the Bastard Sword is just so good. I mean, it's the whole reason I (and I assume others) chose Delia over other characters -- because it all just flows so well, and it's a perfect combination of mobility, defense, and offense.

    It's hard to imagine that they could really make another weapon anywhere on par. For example, Lynn's quick, fluid, and reactive Glaive vs. her relatively awkward Battleshade. I'd honestly be okay if they just left her as-is and focused on new characters or content. Or hell, maybe give her a new move or two just to spice things up.

    I can't really imagine her using a lance, at least not the ridiculous jousting lances you see in a lot of games. I could maybe see her using a spear or something, but that's maybe a bit too boring.

    I think something like a rapier -- a real one, not a fencing foil -- would be pretty interesting, and it might fit with her backstory a bit more considering her noble lineage. It could be a fighting style more focused on parrying and counter-attacks or something, but maybe that's too similar to Fiona and Vella's styles already.

    I'm not sure what else could fit into her backstory. Maybe some other sort of giant weapon from when she met the giant village? Or maybe they could pull an Evie and give her an almost caster/support-style weapon? Her backstory does mention she was kind of a inspirational beacon to her troops.

    Who knows? But as I said before, I'd totally be okay with just one weapon choice.

    Longer backstory if someone hasn't seen it yet:
  • PanzerDamePanzerDame
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  • someonbreadsomeonbread
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    definitely would like her second wepon to be faster as prettyprincess said there's a reason we choose delia but a rapier iis exactly what i was thinking off. i just hope they dont ggo with anothere slow option