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Can we get a name sweep please?

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It's so unfair that these players can keep their names for ages and never logged ever again. There are characters usually less than level 15 that have really good names but never log in at all. Keep in mind there are also characters with "N/A" as well. Can the development team please respond.... I have made a similar post 1-2 years ago but never got a reply...

I want to use this name but it's been more than 2+ years I ever seen him/her logged on. Level 10 btw....

Another one Level 1


  • MylewMylew
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    Maybe people reserved the names on previous sweep, I myself have a few level 1 alts with "really good names" that I reserve for later use.

    p.s what ever you censored there might even be one of them. huehue
  • KaraKara
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    Please dev team, please re-release these old names
  • YeahYea1YeahYea1
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    If anything, it would happen in a couple of years. First sweep was in 2015 and names inactive for these years more or less were released.
    With people who leave and return they would be doomed.
  • BownerBowner
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    patiance. when they merge the servers, (and they will, its just a matter of time) the names will also change. unfortunately, we will lose our names as we most likely merge into another server not the other way around.