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Faile to load region confriguation form internet

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So I wanted tp play vindictus again,and got the messege:Failed to load region confriguation form internet,while the launcher stil loading. I have windows 10(64 bit) and microsft visual ++c(2005-2013(64 and 86 versions)).

I already tried:
restarting computor,unstailing and instaling.disabling firewal and anti virus,instalin the game in diffrent folder,downloading trough stream,in shortcut propites destnation launcer_exe-launcher_runtime,tried runing admistor,delting patch and pytons(cuz someone fixed the issu with that).
I also cheked the list of contries that are supose to be suported and my computor is on the list. I also tried to end the task in the task mangaer and in the game said that is 32 bit. Could that be the problem?


  • LordSeikeiLordSeikei
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    I am also still actively searching for a solution to this. I've done so much research on google and have even sent in a support ticket, as I cannot play or even download any Nexon games until this error allows the launcher to update and open properly. I got this new gaming laptop specifically to play Vin again, but I'm disappointed that I can't even get it to start or download at all. I really hope someone comes up with a fix soon.
  • ever57ever57
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    I had the same problem after a new setup of windows 7. I use firefox but I could solve this by changing the security settings in the IExplorer to the lowest. Especially local intranet.