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Kick Aes Events!

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Easy jokes aside, 2018's first update comes with plenty of events to fully reward you no matter what you plan to do in Vindictus. Return to Niflheim to get the best gems possible, tear through battle quests for dice in the returning Gallagher's Dice Game and teach Aes Sidhe a few lessons in Aes-kicking for special rewards!

Kick Aes Sidhe Event
A new foe awaits you, a new power to overcome, a new threat that stands between you and justice for the world of Vindictus... time to kick its Aes! Take Aes Sidhe to task in the new "The Price of Failure" raid and claim tickets to unlock a special Emblem, Title and items to help make your gear even stronger!


New Year Dice Game Event
Gallagher's dice game has returned for the rest of January! With every boss you slay, you'll receive dice to play in the Dice Game. Roll the dice, get a reward each time including special potions for ATT/M.ATT, Balance and Critical, AP Capsules, Goddess Graces and more!


Niflheim Domination Event
Are your bracelets not up to snuff and lagging behind your best gear? Head back to Niflheim and tear down those creatures down to get tickets that you can exchange for the gems you've been needing!


Bonus Aes Sidhe Departure Event
If you want to kick Aes for the biggest prizes possible, you'll need as many runs as possible. Thus, for the next four weeks, we're going to give you bonus runs of "The Price of Failure" raid!


GET THE FULL DETAILS AT: http://vindictus.nexon.net/news/27713/kick-aes-events


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    Worthless event, makes me want to stop playing vindictus.