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Fastest/easiest character to gear??

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edited November 8, 2017 in New Recruits
I wanna get into this game, but as I have seen the end game is very grindy. Which character is the fastest/easiest to gear up? I don't mind learning any given characters play style, I just really care about efficiency and reaching end game


  • MadcobraMadcobra
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    edited November 9, 2017
    On eu server the most easy is to gear int characters , the gears are cheap , so i suggest evie or sylas
  • quietguyquietguy
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    ^same on NA
  • X1Guts1XX1Guts1X
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    Fastest at getting through storymode and endgame is Scyhe Evie. She clears mobs like a boss and is decent enough at handling bosses. She is also INT, so cheap.
  • GerginGergin
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    Evie. Plus she has that +700 magic att passive and 2 holding skills.