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Dragon Dreams Event

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A new warrior is on her way to Vindictus, and we're unleashing a set of events leading up to her grand entrance. Complete Daily Quests to get event tickets, trade them in each week for a special Coupon that can unlock a special package that's only for a woman with dragons on the mind...




For more info, check out our webpage here: http://vindictus.nexon.net/news/26240/dragon-dreams-event


  • SirRFISirRFI
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    Is the Miri-exclusive title account shared? (title count on other characters)

    Probably mistaken for Mysterious Shard:
    Week 3 Prizes: November 21st - November 27th

    6x Tickets: 1x Miri Shard, 1x Abyssal Shard and Miri Coupon Package (max one per account)
  • IcoIco
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    Is the 1x Mysterious Shard, 1x Abyssal Shard for the 3rd week tradable? Or at least transferable across an account?
  • DrustanDrustan
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    Prolly already too late but for other non-between the lines readers: The tickets expire after 1 week. So don't be like me and lose 1 weeks worth of tickets.