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So, lets talk about that "trajectory change"

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edited October 22, 2017 in Hurk
Its in the korean patch notes that your smashes have a trajectory change at 4+ stacks of awakening. What the hell does it mean?

Nobody has really talked about this and its so vague of a description that I'm just really curious


  • EvLEvL
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    First time hearing about this.. I'm curious now.
  • X1Guts1XX1Guts1X
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    I don't KNOW, but my best guess would be that the AOE or range of Hurk's smashes gets increased in some way. This would be in-line with the changes they are making to Scythe Evie (her smashes are getting AOE increase in the update). The language ambiguity is probably due to the way they implement the AOE/range change.
  • AnsfridAnsfrid
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    This change was pretty scary at my opinion , its can be realy good or realy bad .
    I hope we gonna have new information about this :/