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"Lighting Effects" cuts my fps by more than half

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edited October 11, 2017 in Tech Support
and also crashes my game 9/10 times when I turn it up to medium/high after playing on low. So i cant just turn it off occasionally and the fps is unplayable in certain places when its on

Most places in the game will run fine with lighting effects on except a few places that I guess have hundreds or thousands of lights crammed in?
places i noted to be really awful in particular:
-the end hallway/boss area of "ben channer summit" (I walk in the hallway after the wolf boss and go from ~50fps to 15?? the area outside with the boss is the same fps)
-that glass stuff at "into the abyss"

I can pretty much have everything else on high/medium BESIDES lighting effects, if light effect is above low setting then it doesnt matter if i have everything else on low, it will be unplayable regardless and i think thats REALLY strange. It also doesn't matter if I use reduced color mode or not, lighting effects still bring everything to a halt in certain areas. Also there seems to be no visual difference or fps difference between medium/high whatsoever. On low setting it looks like it turns off character textures and shadows, but the environment itself barely changes visually... With it set to low i get 60 fps in that ben channer summit hallway... :shrug:

I play on a Lenovo laptop with 16gb ram, i7@2.2 (boosts to 2.93)
Do i need a razor laptop to brute force this game's lighting effects or is there some sfx fix?

btw this a screenshot of the error i get: https://imgur.com/0McMf9S
its annoying because before I dye something, i'd probably want to turn it on and see how it looks since it makes character models look so different but the game just goes nope and crashes. I have to pretty much put it to medium/high, if i want it on medium/high, at the start screen before logging in or its going to just crash


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    It's well-known that Vindi's map design is crap in terms of optimization, but if the Lighting effects setting above low turns on Global Illumination then you can't really do anything, and GI can put a lot of load on the GPU.