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Bingo On-Time Event

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It's the final week to complete your Bingo's, and we're helping you through the home stretch with a special on-time event, giving you a chance at 5 Bingo numbers every day!



Continuing Event: Bingo Event

We've brought back Bingo, but no more needing to find the exact Battle Quest needed to claim a ticket. Complete Battle Quests to claim Bingo Tickets, turn those tickets into Bingo Numbers and fill in your board for a large selection of prizes, featuring an adorable Kitty Tail and two exclusive emotes!



Continuing Event: Sprint Event

Need a bit more of an edge in battle? Get into stride with the Sprint Event, boosting your Attack, Attack Speed and more with every Battle Quest you complete per day!




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    It says log in for 60 minutes, pretty sure its 30 minutes. Unless my time is bugged...