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need Price Checks please

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in West Marketplace Auctions
Any help is appreciated, thanks! Also, if you are interested in buying an item, reply here!

+11 Well Balanced Expedition Dullahan Helm fused to golden kitty
+10 Well Balanced Stigma Dullahan Mail fused to white angel wings
+10 Memorable Expedition Dullahan Greaves
+10 Well Balanced Enthusiastic Dullahan Boots
+10 Weeping Echoing Dullahan Gauntlets
Significant Passion Innocent Tear


  • RedTidesRedTides
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    Well..... are they full OJ? Partial OJ. Main OJ only? Be specific. Or send me an imgur image to the links of each item
  • Vintage_WineVintage_Wine
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    Oh sorry! They are all full OJ. If you want the stats I can give them to you. I'm not sure how to post images on here though.