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EU Issues with levels rolling back to 90

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Hi everyone,

We had a few tickets from players after today's Dullahan update. The issue was that players would reach 95, log off, log back in and all of a sudden they were back down to level 90. We narrowed it down to only being an issue in EU. It didn't affect items or titles, just levels. We have since restarted the EU server and it seems to have resolved the issue. We are currently looking into all the players affected from rolling back to 90. If you were affected by this issue, please submit a ticket so we can look into it.


We will also be monitoring this thread, so let us know if you were rolled back after we restarted the server. Sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.



  • boo4uboo4u
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    poor EU
  • SirRFISirRFI
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    Thanks for notification. I haven't seen anyone complaining about it after the first 30-60 minutes. Personally I leveled "up" from 92 to 91 ,without relogging, but that took place within the same time space. Will notify if I see anything new.
  • xRizaxRiza
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    I am in WEST server and I just reached 91, but when I exited the battle I was back to 90.
  • xRizaxRiza
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    My mistake, I was in Ceara mode. Once I changed back it showed my new level.
  • RobertLiviaRobertLivia
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    Reached 93 then after a while the game was lagging and I went to the main screen logged back in and was lvl 90 again. xD
  • ShadowMadaraShadowMadara
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    another EU issue?last time they had lag problems yeah?
  • JynXiJynXi
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    What about the 'race to lvl 95' titles?

    Who are gonna get them?