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Evie's mana pistol is getting one-shotted now.

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One time when I was soloing a normal s3 battle I put a mana pistol down to distract some normal mobs while I proceeded to fight Manus. However, the mana pistol immediately got destroyed as soon as it took damage. Now normally mana pistols should be able to take at least a few hits or so by mobs before dying but I noticed no matter how weak the attack was, the pistol would always die in one hit even if I just put it down. I even tested a gnoll from s1 hitting the pistol and, unsurprisingly, the pistol took 16 damage and died...

I don't think this was intentional, but I'd really like it if the devs would look into this issue. It's just really strange to see a useful ability at times be rendered completely useless after the Rise update.


  • SaruskhanSaruskhan
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    The Mana Pistols were always very useful to me so this really bathers me as well. The golem is aweful now too not only does he die too easily but I can rarely even get him to stand even when there is plenty of material to "pull himself together" with. And while I am on the subject of the alchemy box I guess I will also mention that I liked the mercury trap way wayyyy better when it was something you could throw from range instead of having to stop drop it and then lead an enemy to it, kind of defeats the purpose since it leaves you wide open to be pounded on.